Abuja (IP) - Council of Ulama of Nigeria describes the assassination of Qassem Solaimani as criminal.

Iran PressAfrica: The Council of Ulama of Nigeria, an umbrella body of the Islamic clerics in the West African country has most strongly reiterated its condemnation of the assassination of the former IRGC Quds Forces commander, Lieutenant General Qassem Solaimani by the United States.

In an interview with Iran Press News Agency on Monday in Abuja, the Chairman of the Council of Ulama of Nigeria, and also a member of the Committee that made the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Sheikh Dan'azumi Musa Tafawa Balewa described the assassination of Lt. General Qassem Solaimani by the United States as "a clear hypocrisy of American policy and a clear undermining the true human rights."

The senior Sunni Muslim cleric said: "I am aware of what happened (in 2020), America launched a criminal attack, a terrorist attack on such a significant individual,  Lt. General Qassem Soleimani, and many others all over the world who were defending human rights, the fundamental human rights. It was very unfortunate and, not only to the people of Iran and Iraq, but to entire Muslims all over the world, and the entire oppressed people of the world."

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The cleric also criticized the United States, Israel, and Western Countries for encouraging terrorists like Boko haram in Nigeria and IS takfiri groups in Muslim countries.

"Like constant killings of Muslims in Yemen, they (America and West) do not allow the voice of the majority to rise. They never allow that. They even encourage Saudi Arabia to launch attacks on Yemeni people who are struggling for their human rights, who are struggling for the right to live, right to choose the government and the system of government they like," said the Chairman of Council of Ulama of Nigeria.

The cleric also criticized the United States and the West for exploiting the wealth and resources of the Islamic Movement in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and others.


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