Kano (IP) - 348 Shi'a children of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria who memorized the holy Qur'an from Fudiyya Islamic School have sacrificed their rewards to the entire martyrs of Palestine.

Iran PressAfrica: During the graduation ceremony held on Saturday in Kano State, the Headmaster of Fudiyya Tahfizul Qur'an, said the entire 348 children that had the privilege to memorize the Glorious book have prayed to Allah the Almighty to accept their work and the rewards should be given to entire victims of Israeli genocide in Palestine.

When speaking at the event attended by hundreds of people, Sheikh Khidir Maraya, a well-known Nigerian Sunni cleric from Kaduna State commended the Islamic Republic of Iran, a country in the world he said leading the struggle for the liberation of Palestine.

"We must praise and pray for the members of the Axis of resistance, Iran, who is leading the struggle to free Palestine, Ansarullah from Yemen, PMF of Iraq, Hezbollah of Lebanon, and Al-Ashtar Brigade from Bahrain whom we come to know about recently, for supporting Palestine. Everybody knows that Iran and these members of the Axis of resistance are all Shi'a but have been sacrificing their lives for the Palestinian cause, the sacrifice that we Sunni Muslims could not do," he said.

Sheikh Khidir Maraya said if Arab and Muslim countries could unite and emulate Iran in taking serious actions against Israel, America, and other countries that support the genocidal regime, Palestine would be free within a very short period.

"I could remember, during a summit of Arab and Islamic countries in Saudi Arabia last November, the Iranian President called for the Islamic countries to launch sanctions on Israel. There is no doubt in the fact that had they imposed only oil and gas sanctions on the Israeli regime and the United States, America would have no other way but to agree and vote for the independence of Palestine," he added. Malam Bashir Dandago, one of the famous Kano Islamic poets sang poetry on the importance of memorizing the holy Qur'an at the occasion.


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