Tehran (IP) - Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in a statement on the implementation of Strategic Law of sanctions removal approved by the parliament, welcomed the leader's order to create a unanimity in the way of lifting sanctions, stating: "Iran's negotiations with the IAEA are the most efficient way to fully implement the law."

Iran PressIran News:  The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, referring to the disagreement between the parliament and the government over the implementation of the Strategic Action Law for the lifting of sanctions, which Parliament has already approved, said that the parliament and the government should resolve their differences today so that it does not seem that there are two different voices in the country.

The statement reads: "Iran's negotiations and agreements with the International Atomic Energy Agency are in full compliance with the constitution and the laws, and according to all experts, specialists and security officials is the most efficient and the least costly way to fully implement the Strategic Action Law for the lifting of sanctions."

The goal of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the government's definite plan is to realize the rights of the Iranian people, and in this way, it is not afraid of any threat or obstacle.

During the IAEA Director General's visit to Iran, it was agreed that the implementation of the Additional Protocol and accesses under the JCPOA would be completely suspended and that only Iran's safeguard obligations would be implemented.

As of today, no access beyond safeguard agreements will be granted to the IAEA, and no extra-supervisory inspections will be conducted.

"The government welcomes and follows the order of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution regarding the consensus of the government and the parliament and reaching a single voice, and preventing the abuse of the enemies," the statement added.

It stated, "Under its national and legal duties, the Islamic Republic of Iran's Government now assures that the parliament law has been fully implemented so far while observing technical considerations and national interests."