North Korea has expressed full support and solidarity with the Russian people who are defending their sovereignty and future and wishes them prosperity and victory.

Iran PressAsia: This was conveyed in a telegram sent by North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Russia Day.

"Nowadays, the struggle of the Russian people against increasing threats and challenges by hostile forces that are trying to undermine the country's sovereignty, security, and peaceful life is going through a new crucial phase," the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) quoted him as saying.

Kim Jong Un added that the people of North Korea were fully supportive and united with Russia in protecting its sovereignty and national interests.

"Justice will always prevail, and the Russian people will continue to glorify the history of victory," the North Korean leader added.

He also noted that the friendship between the two countries had become a "valuable strategic asset."

According to Kim Jong Un, he is ready to continue bolstering good-neighborly relations and strategic cooperation between Pyongyang and Moscow.


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