London(IP): Palestinian peace activists and supporters gathered in front of the military exhibition site in Twickenham rugby stadium, southwest of London, and expressed their anger and protest against the weapon companies supporting the Israeli regime.

Iran PressEurope: According to Iranpress, on Monday evening, in this anti-Israel rally, the peace activists and supporters of Palestine chanted the slogans "Long live Palestine", "We are all Palestinians, shame on the supporters of Israel" and "Israel is a terrorist regime".

The people and supporters of Palestine living in the South West area of London have also prepared a petition with more than a thousand signatures, emphasizing the cancellation of all weapons exhibitions at the Twickenham Rugby Stadium.

It is stated in this document: "Israeli arms companies such as "Elbit Systems" along with "Leonardo" and "Reyton" are arming the Israeli army and this military support has led to the massacre of thousands of people, including Palestinian children and women, in the Gaza Strip.

Every year, the international exhibition of military vehicles is held at the Twickenham Rugby Stadium, but this year peace supporters and supporters of Palestine are against the holding of this pro-Israeli military exhibition and insist on its cancellation.

Next month, the international exhibition of military helicopters is going to be held at the Twickenham Rugby Stadium, and the supporters of Palestine, especially the "Coalition of Solidarity with Palestine" in the United Kingdom, have emphasized that they will continue their struggle to cancel this exhibition.

Some Palestinian people and supporters during the rally in front of the pro-Israeli military exhibition hosted by London, in an interview with Iran Press correspondent, emphasized that British and American military support to the Israeli regime must end because this criminal regime is committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza. 

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