Tehran (IP) - Referring to the Law on Strategic Action to Lift Sanctions, Deputy Chairman of the Iranian Parliament said that the law led to Iran's dignity and the enemy realized that the Islamic Republic of Iran would not give up.

Iran Press/Iran News: Ali Nikzad added: "The amendments to the Anti-Terrorism Financing Law, the Anti-Money Laundering Law, Iran's accession to the United Nations Convention against Organized Crime, and Iran's accession to the Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism are four FATF bills. The Guardian Council has approved the first bill, and the other 3 bills are waiting for the decision of the expediency Discernment Council."

"If we accept the FATF, we will reveal ways to circumvent the sanctions," Deputy Chairman of the Iranian Parliament added.

He also stressed that we should not think that we will not have a problem with FATF acceptance. Still, we should get the economy out of conditionality with revolutionary thinking and management and reform the economy and people's livelihood by relying on it.

Nikzad highlighted that Iran should try to neutralize the sanctions, adding that the production of gasoline and defense weapons is a way of neutralizing the sanctions.

Explaining next year's budget review, he said that the parliament reduced oil dependence and compensated the budget deficit as much as possible.

Nikzad added that good work was done for organizations such as Khatam al-Anbia construction Headquarters, which were effective in developing the country's infrastructure in the foreign and domestic investment.


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