Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has stressed that eradicating terrorist threats in Syria must be a top priority, noting that the Sochi agreement on Idleb which was reached on 17 September, is being complied with.

Iran Press- Middle East: Sergei Lavrov made his remarks during a press conference with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Andorra Maria Ubach in Moscow on Wednesday, SANA reported.

He said the information available to Russia indicates that the agreement on Idlib is strictly complied with, adding that the Turkish side has the biggest responsibility as the deadline expires on October 15th.

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Commenting on Russia’s position regarding earlier statements made by Prime Minister of the Israeli regime Benjamin Netanyahu, on the occupied Syrian territory of Golan Heights, Lavrov said that “the status of the Golan Heights is determined by UN Security Council resolutions.”

“I think that any changing of the status or bypassing the Security Council would be a direct violation of these resolutions,” he added.

Earlier, Representatives of Iran, Turkey and Russia have agreed on the draft of a final statement to be issued at the 10th Syria international peace conference.

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The ninth round of Syria peace talks took place with participation of representatives from Iran, Russia and Turkey as well as the UN chief's special envoy for Syria. The meeting was held in Astana, Kazakhstan, in May 2018.

More than 330,000 people have been killed in Syria and millions have been driven from their homes since the conflict began in March 2011, and the infrastructure of the country has been destroyed.

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