IP - Thousands of demonstrators packed streets outside the Knesset in Jerusalem on Sunday evening in a mass protest demanding the government resign, marking the first day in what is slated to be a four-day event.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The organizers of the protest called for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government to step down, for Israel to hold early elections, and for the country’s leaders to agree to a hostage deal that will bring about the release of the 130 captives held in Gaza since October 7 war on Gaza.

The gathering outside the Knesset was spearheaded by a coalition of anti-government protest movements, including the Kaplan Force and Brothers in Arms, who plan to hold four days of protests and gatherings in Jerusalem this week.

The rally was the largest protest held since October 7, with the war putting a stop to months-long demonstrations against the government and its efforts at the time to overhaul the judiciary. Organizers claimed more than 100,000 people had taken part, while media outlets reported turnout in the tens of thousands, Times of Israel reported.

Many attendees at the rally in Jerusalem expressed disbelief that Netanyahu was still in power and that the country hadn’t held elections yet.

After the main protest died down, some participants moved to block the nearby Begin highway, including lighting several fires on the road, and were physically removed by police officers, while others clashed with police while attempting to block the entrance to Jerusalem next to the Chords Bridge. At least one protester was arrested, police said.

The gathering of protest movements is planning four days of rallies and activities throughout Jerusalem this week, including a tent city set up near the Knesset.