A massive number of protesters against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu staged a protest rally on Wednesday night near his hotel in the occupied Golan.

Iran Press/ West Asia:  A massive gathering of people held a demonstration against the Israeli regime's government’s judicial overhaul at the Golan Heights resort village of Neve Ativ, where Benjamin Netanyahu is vacationing for the Sukkot holiday.

Protesters chanted slogans against Netanyahu, the Israeli cabinet and the judicial reform bill.

The hotel where Netanyahu is staying has witnessed protests against him in the past days.

Thousands of protestors opposing the judicial reforms of Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet have joined street protests.

An opinion poll conducted by the Zionist regime Channel 12 revealed that about a third of the Zionists are considering leaving the entity, as Netanyahu insists on passing the judicial overhaul.

Demonstrators accuse Netanyahu of ruining the Zionist entity, which has become a center for protests against his cabinet since the judicial overhaul plan was first announced in January.

It is noteworthy that the proposed overhaul drew criticism from allies of the occupation, including the United States, as President Joe Biden has repeatedly expressed his concerns and has called on the occupation officials not to hurry with the "divisive" plans. 219