Tehran (IP) - Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi has vowed that the Zionist regime’s recent strike on the consular section of the Iranian embassy in Damascus will not be left without a response.

Iran PressIran news: In a statement issued on Tuesday morning, Raisi said the usurping Zionist regime flagrantly breached international law by carrying out a terrorist attack on Iran's diplomatic premises in Damascus.

Describing the assault as an "inhumane violation of international regulations," the president condemned the Israeli regime's actions as desperate attempts at survival following a series of defeats and setbacks against the resistance front.

Raisi cautioned that the Zionist regime would not achieve its malicious goals through such barbaric methods and must prepare to confront the increasing strength of the resistance front and the deep-seated animosity of free nations towards its illegitimate existence.

“This unjust act will not go unanswered,” warned President Raisi to Israel.

The Israeli regime’s airstrikes on the consular section of Iran’s embassy in Damascus on Monday evening resulted in the martyrdom of seven IRGC generals and military advisers.


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