Tehran (IP ) - Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corpse on the anniversary of the first Shiites Imam's Martyrdom, Imam Ali in Abi Taleb (AS), distributed 110k aid food packages and 110 packages of home appliances for newly married couples in the framework of "Alawi Dignity" exercise.

Iran PressIran News: The ceremony took place on Wednesday, Apr. 12, 2023, with the presence of people from all walks of life, and a group of IRGC officials.

The packages provided for the less privileged and deprived neighborhoods citizens of Tehran.

The packages included 110,000 livelihoods and 110 series of dowries.

Attending the ceremony, Brigadier-General, Commander of the Mohammad Rasulullah Corps unit of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Tehran emphasized that with the efforts of the Basij (Volunteer forces of IRGC), the packages have been collected and will be distributed throughout Tehran.

He said: Five million food packages have been distributed in an organized manner since the outbreak coronavirus.

The "Alawi Dignity" exercise has been done to mark the martyrdom of the first Shiites Imam.


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