Tehran(IP): The IRGC Chief Commander warned on International Quds Day at Tehran University that No enmity shall remain unanswered. and the atrocities of the Zionist Regime signaled its miscalculation in facing the Muslim world,

Iran PressIran news: As the keynote speaker on the International Quds Day at Tehran University on Friday, April 5th, 2024 on Friday Major General Hossein Salami, the Chief commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps said: "No enmity shall remain unanswered. The atrocities of the Zionist Regime show that this regime's calculation system is wrong in facing the Islamic world, and this miscalculation has also happened in the case of America."

Iran's Chief Commander of IRGC then stated: "They think that the more they kill and displace Muslims, the better they can continue to stabilize their geopolitical position and security, but the opposite is true of this dream and it is only a wish.

"Whatever action the Zionist regime takes, it will fail, but if it continues the war with Palestine, it will eventually have to submit to this heavenly resistance of the Palestinian people, and if it wants to withdraw, it will still be a failure."

Iran's Top Military Official further said: "Gaza is geographically small, but its political geography is vast. There is support for Gaza all over the world."

"Gaza says we have no problem continuing this endurance, you are firm and we will bury this regime in Gaza," said the IRGC Chief Commander.

Major General Salami noted: "The divine tradition is that Palestine stands. The evil plot of the enemies will return to themselves. The Palestinians will return to the Palestinians and there is no way to save the Zionists. They will have no choice but to surrender." 219

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