The public relations officer at the Iraqi health ministry has praised Iranian medicine, saying Iran has advanced tremendously in the medical sciences and Iranian hospitals are well-equipped.

Iran Press/Iran news: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on Thursday, Feisal Hussein al-Kanani said: "I must say that Iran has significantly advanced in medicine, and Iranian hospitals are modern and well-equipped, the medical centres are excellent, and many patients visit Iran to receive medical treatment. Patients come here from many countries including Iraq, and currently, there is an Iraqi patient in this hospital who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and he is receiving medical treatment."

He added: "We will invest in Iran, our patients pay for the medical services and treatment they receive here in Iran, they are satisfied and we have had good results."

Al-Kanani added: "Given the [US] economic sanctions on Iran, I must say that there have been no problems for the Iraqi patients to get the medical services and treatment they need, all patients who have travelled here are fully satisfied over Iran's well-equipped and modern hospitals and top doctors and advanced medical methods. I trust Iranian medicine and Iranian hospitals will continue to improve, and cure and treat patients." 


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