Kuala Lumpur (IP) — Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Radan, Iran's Law Enforcement commander, recently met with Malaysian Minister of Home Affairs Saifuddin Nasution Ismail in Kuala Lumpur.

Iran PressAsia: The discussions centered on enhancing security collaboration between the two nations. Radan commended Malaysia's international support for Iran's position on the global stage.

Both parties expressed readiness to bolster Tehran-Kuala Lumpur police cooperation, focusing on areas such as expediting criminal extraditions and combating cybercrimes, illegal drug trafficking, and transnational offenses.

Minister Ismail highlighted Malaysia's willingness to learn from Iran's policing expertise, particularly in military science and techniques.

The meeting underscored joint efforts to combat organized crime, cyber threats, drug trafficking, and terrorism within the scope of their memorandum of understanding.