Nairobi (IP)- Iran's new ambassador in Nairobi presented a copy of credentials to a Kenyan government official.

Iran PressAfrica: Ali Gholampour, Iran's newly appointed ambassador in Nairobi, Kenya, met with the Kenyan government official (based in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and handed him a copy of his credentials.

In the meeting between the two parties, the Kenyan side, while enumerating the cultural commonalities of Iran and Kenya, expressed hope for the increase of the level of relations between the two countries. 

Gholampour also expressed hope that with the will of the authorities of the two countries, the relations between the two friendly countries will expand. 

Iranian ambassador added that the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran needs more help from the government of the Republic of Kenya in carrying out its assigned tasks to increase the level of relations. 

Gholampour previously served as the head of the Department of Development and International Financial and Trade Institutions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, deputy permanent representative of Iran to the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (SCOPE), representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague, and a board member of the Global Climate Change Fund. 


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