President Rouhani:
Iran-Turkey ties have historically been based on very strong foundations

Emphasizing that the occurrence of bitter events hasn’t been able to undermine relations between Iran and Turkey, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran-Turkey ties have historically been based on very strong foundations.

Iran PressIran NewsSpeaking on Tuesday during a speech at the Sixth Meeting of the High-Level Cooperation Council between Iran and Turkey, which was held through video conference hosted by Tehran due to the outbreak of coronavirus, Dr. Hassan Rouhani said: "Relations between the two countries have always been based on good neighborliness and common cultural values and mutual respect, as well as attention to the common interests of the two countries and stability, security and peace in the region."

Dr. Rouhani added: "The borders of the two countries have always been the borders of peace and friendship, and especially in the past 7 years, the efforts of the two governments have been based on the development of bilateral relations and regional and international cooperation."

"Both countries are located in a very sensitive region of the Middle East," he said, adding: "Iran and Turkey are two major powers in the region, and there have always been animosities and grudges against both countries, which still exist today; therefore, there is no way other than strengthening friendly relations between the two countries to overcome such conspiracies."

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Dr. Rouhani also expressed hope that the agreements reached in the meeting with the presence of high-level delegations of the two countries would be fruitful and constructive for bilateral relations.

Speaking at the virtual meeting, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan described the meetings of the High-Level Cooperation Council between Iran and Turkey as a symbol of friendship between the two countries and said: "In the previous meetings and until today, good decisions have been made within the framework of this council, which will contribute to the development of relations and cooperation between the two countries."

Referring to the holding of the meeting through video conference, President Erdoğan said: "Holding this meeting amidst the outbreak of coronavirus shows the determination of the two countries to develop and deepen relations and further cooperation."

Stating that Iran and Turkey have a decisive role in resolving many problems and issues in the region, the President of Turkey said: "Today, together with our friends in the sixth meeting, we will attempt to further develop cooperation and accelerate the implementation of previous agreements."     207

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