CHUNCHEON, South Korea (IP) — The Iranian national taekwondo team has emerged victorious at the 2024 Taekwondo World Cup Team Championships in Chuncheon, South Korea.

Iran Press/Asia: The Iranian squad bested the host nation in the final match to claim the prestigious title.

The tournament featured a total of five teams competing for the coveted trophy. In the semi-final round, the Iranian team secured a two-round victory over the Ivory Coast team, setting the stage for a showdown with the home favorites, South Korea, in the final.

In a thrilling final match, the Iranian team again prevailed, winning in two rounds to be crowned the 2024 World Taekwondo World Cup Team Champions.

The Iranian women's team also participated in the championships and is set to face off against the host South Korean team in their opening match tomorrow.

The victory over the host nation on their home turf adds to the significance of this achievement, as the Iranian squad demonstrated their ability to perform at the highest level on the global stage.

The 2024 World Taekwondo World Cup Team Championships showcased the depth of talent and the fierce competitive spirit within the Iranian taekwondo program. This victory will undoubtedly inspire the nation's athletes and fans, further strengthening the country's reputation as a formidable force in taekwondo. 204