Tehran(IP): As a keynote speaker and a host, Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST) chairman said that a total of 1,405 projects reached the secretariat, while last year we had 480 projects, which is an increase of 139 percent.

Iran PressIran news:  Hassan Zamaniyan noted: "Also, foreign projects received, witness 10- time increase; that is, last year we had 48 projects from 22 countries, as this year has reached 480 projects from 47 countries. As the Secretary of Khwarizmi Festival also stated about the number of winners, saying:

According to Zamaniyan this year there have been a total of 20 winners, 12 were selected in the Khwarizmi International Festival section, including eight Iranians and four foreigners.

He continued:"6 were selected in the Khwarizmi Youth Festival section, and 2 were selected in the Technology and Innovation Festival section."Zamaniyan added: We rank 15th in science production and 53rd in innovation, so the gap between research and innovation should be reduced, noting: Research should be targeted and lead to technical knowledge to increase exports.

Zamaniyan further underlined: "12 projects were selected for the 37th Khwarizmi International Festival this year, which includes development projects, applied research and basic research. Development plans in 2 specialized groups of chemical technologies and mechanical engineering, applied researches in 2 specialized groups in 2 groups of water management, agriculture and natural resources, and information and communication technology, and fundamental researches in specialized groups of chemical technologies, materials, metallurgy, and new and biological energies."


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