Tehran(IP): The Temporary Friday Prayer of Tehran stressed that today the heroic nation of Yemen not only shares the Muslim world's support but that of the freedom-seeking people of the world. "

Iran PressIran news:  Speaking for the worshippers of today's Friday prayers in the Iranian capital of Tehran, Tehran's temporary Friday Prayer Leader Mohammad Hassan Torabi Fard said:

'It has been 100 days that the time has been turned to the detriment of the Zionist regime. '

"The spokesman of the UN Security Council admitted that the Gaza resistance cannot be destroyed and it is an ideology "stated he.

"This means the official announcement of the defeat of America and the strategic stalemate of the West.", reiterated Iran' stop cleric.

Stating that what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Lebanon could be a lesson for the Global Arrogance, he said: The regime that is equipped with the most modern weapons did not learn from the resistance of Gaza, so it is time for them to learn from the resistance of Yemen."

Abu Torabifard stressed: "Today, the heroic Yemen is not only supported by Islamic countries but also supported by all the freedom-seeking people of the world. "


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