"The issue of satellite and satellite carrier is clear in the world and has nothing to do with missile issues," said the Minister of Defense.

Iran Press/commentary: Brigadier General Amir Hatami on Wednesday in response to US and French claims that the launch of the satellite by Iran is in breach of Iran's international obligations and UN Security Council Resolution 2231, stated that in missile issue what was Iran banned for is missile project capable of carrying nuclear warhead that Iran does not have such missiles. 

The development of the space industry in Iran is on a progressive path and is one of the leading industries and helping other industries including agriculture and maritime. The aerospace industry is important to any country and is vital in many areas. Using native satellites and deploying them in Earth's orbit helps each country to manage the upcoming crises and its consequences through visual information.

Satellite information on disasters, weather, and navigation are of great importance, and in such circumstances, the acquisition of knowledge to build satellite and its launch into space is a strategic success.

The monopoly on the ability to build and launch satellites has now been broken by Iranian experts, and this has led to claims by countries that do not tolerate Iran's scientific success to make allegations. The allegations are being made while the launch of the satellite is a purely scientific matter and serves the development of countries.

In this regard, Ahmad Hosseini, a spokesman for Iran's Ministry of Defense Department of  Aerospace Industries Space Group, on the launch of the Zafar satellite with the Simorgh satellite carrier announced that satellite carrier has scientific and civil purposes and should not be compared with military missiles.

Space rocket activity is a new chapter in the development of science in all countries, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the projection of some European countries, including France and the United States means opposition to Iran's progress in the scientific field.

Iranian experts broke the monopoly of the West by relying on indigenous knowledge in various scientific fields, including in the field of the space industry, and today the scientific component is one of the effective components of the Islamic Republic of Iran's power.

Iran's actions in the space industry are well known worldwide. There are now 22 satellite launch sites in the world, and within this framework, the Imam Khomeini Space Center in Semnan (East of Tehran) is well known worldwide.

Under such circumstances, the subject of satellite and satellite carrier is a purely scientific and peaceful matter, and the French and American claims are politically motivated. Iran will continue its activities in the scientific arena, and the construction of the satellite and its launch with the satellite carrier is Iran's undisputed right. 101

Author: Ali Karami


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