Alborz (IP): Iran’s Razi Research and Serum Institute injects currency to the country by exporting various vaccines, Iran's Minister of Agriculture Jihad has said.

Iran PressIran news: Delivering a speech at the third trial phase of the Razi COVID-19 vaccine's clinical trial on Sunday, Javad Sadatinejad expressed hope that the Razi Institute would export the COVID-19 vaccine to the region soon.

Minister of Agriculture Jihad went on to say that the Razi Institute’s researchers had been active in producing human and animal vaccines, and all Iranians were familiar with this name.

"Right now, Razi Research and Serum Institute has 1.4 million doses of coronavirus vaccine ready and can begin mass injection after receiving an emergency license from Iran’s Health Ministry," the top official highlighted.

Sadatinejad elsewhere stated that Razi Institute could produce 5 million doses by fall and 20 million doses by winter.

The minister concluded that Iran’s Razi COVID-19 is made of recombinant protein based on Iranian science and technology. 

Iran’s Razi COVPars COVID-19 vaccine began its third phase of a clinical trial on Sunday.

In today’s ceremony, held in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture Jihad Javad Sadatinejad, 150 volunteers received the first dose of the vaccine as the 3rd phase began. 21 days later the volunteers will get their second dose and 30 days later they will get their inhaled dose.

Razi COV-Pars coronavirus vaccine, which is made of recombinant protein, is used both by inhalation and injection.

By: Neda Sajadi


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