Tehran (IP) - Iran's president says his administration's policy will be cooperation with the world based on preserving the Iranian nation's dignity.

Iran PressIran News: President Ebrahim Raisi addressed the parliament Wednesday following the review of his proposed ministers by the lawmakers.  

Ebrahim Raisi, Iranian President said that Iran's foreign policy is cooperation with the world but based on preserving Iranian people's dignity.

No accusation against any of the proposed ministers

President Ebrahim Raisi said: "I will not fail to fight corruption, and in case of any report on someone's corruption in my administration, I will not hesitate to deal with him."

He also referred to some allegations about some of the proposed ministers and said: "I can say with confidence that there is no definite accusation against any of the proposed ministers."

Regarding the administration program presented to the parliament, he pointed out that it was brief and detailed, including the causes of the problems, and their solutions would be presented to the MPs soon.

The Iranian people did not vote for me provided that I fight corruption, the president highlighted.

The sessions of Iran's Parliament for the vote of confidence to the President Raisi's cabinet began on Saturday with his speech defending his administration's plans and suggested cabinet.

By the speech of Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, Speaker of the Parliament, the procedure kicked off until today.


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