Tehran (IP) - Iran's Police announced in a statement that the Police Special Moral Force did not beat Mahsa Amini.

Iran Press/Iran news: Mahsa Amini, along with a number of other women who violated the social dress codes, were taken to one of the police departments in Tehran on Tuesday.

As the CCTVs show, Mahsa Amini is talking with one of the police staff when she suddenly faints and falls to the ground.

She was immediately taken to hospital, but unfortunately, she died today, Friday, September 16, 2022.

The videos recorded from the moment of Mahsa Amini's arrival at the police center until her transference to the hospital were shown to her parent. 

Meanwhile, Iran's President, Ebrahim Raisi, has ordered the interior minister to investigate the details of the incident that happened to Mahsa Amini with urgency and accuracy and submit a report on the results.

Moreover, the head of justice of Tehran province asked the deputy judicial officer and the Secretary of the Supervision Board for the Protection of Citizens' Rights of the justice of Tehran province to carry out the necessary inspections and investigations as a matter of urgency regarding the causes and manner of occurrence of this complication for Mahsa Amini.


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