Baghdad(IP)-The ambassador of Iran to Iraq announced the readiness of the Islamic Republic of Iran to share all its experiences, facilities, and capabilities in order to overcome the problems of dust storms, dust storms, hurricanes, and drought.

Iran PressMiddle East: According to Iran press, Mohammad Kazem Al-Sadegh, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Iraq, met with the new Iraqi Minister of Water Resources, Aun Thiab Abdulla, on Thursday, congratulating him on his appointment, and discussed issues of interest to the two countries, including environmental issues.

Referring to the destructive consequences of drought and climate change in the region and the fact that it is more serious in Iraq, the Iraqi Minister of Water Resources considered Baghdad-Tehran cooperation necessary to solve the problems and declared his readiness for any cooperation in this field.

Thiab Abdulla considered the policies of the previous political system and the imposition of numerous wars by the dead dictator Saddam to Iraq as the main reason for neglecting to solve the drought and forgetting the needs of this country in the environmental field.

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Earlier, " Ali Salajegheh, "the vice president of the Islamic Republic and the head of Iran's Department of Environment, said in a meeting with Iraqi officials: "Today, the region and the world are suffering from climate disorder, the result of which is the creation of fine dust for the entire region."

The investigation of the foreign origin of fine dust in Iran shows that this is due to drought and dam constructions in the countries of the region, especially Türkiye which has created the largest center of fine dust in Iraq by reducing the flow of watersheds in the region, and its solution is through diplomacy.


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