Jul 06, 2020 17:03 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jul 06, 2020 17:33 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - The Head of Iran's Red Crescent Society said according to the current situation of the country the Society is more prepared than before to counter the coronavirus outbreak.

Iran Press/Iran News: In response to a question of Iran Press on the measures taken by the Red Crescent Society against the re-outbreak of the coronavirus, Karim Hemmati said almost all personal protective items have been distributed among the forces cooperating with the organization in all provinces across the country.

Awaiting the order of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus to have more involvement if necessary, he told IP correspondent in an exclusive interview on Monday that wearing face masks in public passages is obligatory, noting that currently no order has been issued from the President's office and Task Force to control cities' entries

The Head of Iran's Red Crescent Society said that the Society along with other executive bodies have obtained more readiness to control the disease and reduce the number of the infected.

Hemmati said the controlling process has become more difficult considering that the infected are dispersed across the country and practicing the previous restrictions is also impossible.  

He urged people to wear face masks so that the spread of the disease in public passages is reduced.


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