Jul 02, 2020 15:57 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jul 31, 2020 21:40 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran(IP) - Professor of Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences Abdolmajid Cheraghali, said on Thursday that Iran would be ready to share its experiences on COVID-19 with Islamic countries in order to provide the best service to the people.

Iran Press/Iran news: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press News Agency about Islamic countries' responsibility to contain COVID-19 and Iran's plasma therapy results, Professor  Cheraghali pointed out that the most important thing to do by the health system of Islamic countries is to help each other in order to minimize the losses and casualties caused by the coronavirus.

He added that the best possible approach to do right now is to exchange different treatment experiences of countries regarding COVID-19 when there is no precise and definite treatment method or vaccine.

Professor Abdolmajid Cheraghali said: "I think Islamic Conference organization and Mustafa (PBUH) Science and Technology Foundation can both facilitate exchanging of therapeutic experiences and preventative approaches among Islamic countries.   

Plasma therapy is one of the methods to treat COVID-19 infected patients and Iran is a pioneer in this field, he reiterated.

Professor Cheraghali remarked that practicing plasma therapy in Iran has faced significant success with remarkable results.

A conference on examining the COVID-19 treatment process through plasma therapy was held at the Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation in the Iranian capital of Tehran on Thursday.

The CEO of the Blood Transfusion Organization, Peyman Eshqi, and Professor Hassan Abolghasemi from Baqiyatallah University of Medical science attended the conference.


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