Jun 04, 2020 15:17 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jun 04, 2020 19:37 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - Iran's President has said on Thursday that Khordad 15, June 4 uprising can be called the symbol of people's sacrifice for the Islamic revolution.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking in a ceremony of inauguration of weekly utility projects, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani commemorated those who sacrificed their lives for the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

The President in his speech continued that up to the end of the current year, 18 units of the power plant will be opened in the country, despite the problems caused by the Coronavirus.

Rouhani pointed to utility export to the neighboring countries and stressed Iran's maintenance of well relations with the neighboring countries, which are not confined to political ties.

He referred to the mutual water, power, and gas export with the neighboring countries, announcing Iran's readiness to export gas to Pakistan, India, and Oman.

In the following, Rouhani referred to the anti-racist demonstrations going on in the US states due to the killing of George Floyd and sympathized with the American people, strongly condemning the US and the  White House for their involvement in ordering such crimes.  

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He described it shameful for the US President to swear on the Holy Bible and then massacre the Americans, noting that today the people look at the White House with anger.

"The White House rulers have made the current situation in the US one of the worst in the history of the country," the Iranian President said. 207

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