May 11, 2020 14:45 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 06, 2020 14:46 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Deputy Health Minister said, "A good screening was carried out in the country with the participation of the people, and within a month, 78 million people were screened, and in the second phase, this number has reached 32 million."

Iran PressIran News:  Deputy Health Minister, Alireza Raisi in a press conference held at the Ministry of Health and Medical Education on Monday said that good cooperation of the nation to observe social distancing and personal hygiene has caused a declining trend in active COVID-19 infections. 

Deputy Health Minister referred to the closure of educational departments, saying, "We witnessed unexpected days in the country, so that none of the people came out on the Iranian Nature's Day, and we saw the result of this action on the reduction of infectious by the coronavirus."

He also announced that the number of people screened has reached 32 million in the second phase with focusing on vulnerable, or those with serious underlying health conditions.

"The launch of 400 outpatient testing centers for COVID-19 has also significantly reduced the number of patient visits to hospitals," he added.  

At a meeting of heads of the National Task Force for Fighting Coronavirus on May 07, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed that the continuation of the screening plan of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education is essential with the development of diagnostic tests that can play a major role in maintaining public health.


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