Jan 20, 2020 12:06 Asia/Tehran [Updated: May 26, 2020 14:55 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - The spokesman for Iran's foreign ministry Seyyed Abbas Mousavi has said the conduct of the British ambassador to Tehran (Rob Macaire) has been unorthodox, unusual, and against diplomatic norms.

Iran PressIran news: Asked about the Iranian response to America's terrorist attack on Lt. General Soleimani, the spokesman said: "The response of Iran to the United States was important for the countries in the region, but there were a lot of unseen reactions that may be coming to surface in the news."

Referring to allegations against Iran with regards to Yemen, Mousavi said: "What is happening in Yemen is an unequal war, one side of which is an international coalition led by the Saudis, and in this unequal war and crisis, Yemen's Ansarullah, government forces, and the Yemeni Army have been forced to defend themselves and this is what they are doing. It is not surprising to us, as always, to point the finger of blame at us. We reject these allegations and support the legitimate self-defense of the innocent Yemeni people."

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Seyyed Abbas Mousavi also commented on possible downgrading of ties with Britain, saying: "The British ambassador's actions were against diplomatic norms and unusual behavior and there is no doubt about it. The Foreign Ministry summoned him and he was asked to convey our strongly-worded protest to the British government, with both Zarif and Araghchi writing sharp tweets and a strong statement was released by the Foreign Ministry. The British ambassador's actions were totally unacceptable and contrary to international law, it was suspicious and we felt it was a deliberate act."

Mousavi added: "Our people, given the past record of the British government, had these demands in place but the diplomatic process has its own customs and procedures, and it is done and he has preferred to leave Iran. We do not know if it is temporary or if he will return to Tehran.


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