Dec 31, 2019 10:00 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Dec 31, 2019 17:25 Asia/Tehran]

New president of ECO cultural institute highlighted 25000 poets as the symbol of common culture among the ECO states.

Iran Press/Iran News: New president of Economic Cooperation Organization Cultural Institute (ECI) Sarvar Bakhti delivering speech at his referral ceremony said there are 25000 poets in the ECO region that is a sign of common culture. 

"Tourism and cultural production are important issues which will boost in upcoming years. ECO is a 25-year-old institute. During all this long time, relations are boosted. The institute has the role of the producer and also observer of the communications," he said.

"Movie production, theatre, cinema and art has special effect on region convergence," Pour Marjan the deputy of international development of the culture and communication orgonization said as the next speaker in the ceremony.

"The culture is in the heart of ECO region. So as we enter a region by the cultural issues, we will be successful in future cooperation. Music, theatre,art and other aspects of culture that could be interchanged easily between all ECO states," Pour Marjan said while congratulating Mr. Bakhti as calling him a scientific person who has born and grown in a scientific family.

"The cultural meeting of the ECO states resumed 2 years ago by Iran's efforts after 7 years suspension. poem is a common culture between the ECO states," he continued.

Broujerdi vice president and the president of Iran national library during her speech said: "There are common documents referred to ECO sates in the national library of Iran which could be used for more cultural cooperation in the future."

She stressed that we invite all ECO friends to continue cultural cooperation based on our common history and common art.

Ambassadors of Tajikistan and  Afghanistan and Turkey also delivered speech in this ceremony. Afghan ambassador to Tehran said Afghanistan is the chain which connects middle Asian countries.

"We hope to continue the previous trend, the ECO institute could gain important achievements under the presidential of Mr. Bakhti and Afghanistan will play new special role for better cooperation in future," the Afghan ambassador said.


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