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  • Leader of Islamic Revolution underscores need for vigilance against US plots
    Leader of Islamic Revolution underscores need for vigilance against US plots

Tehran (IP) - The Leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasized the fulfillment of the decisions of the three branches of power and the need for vigilance against those who are seeking for disturbing peace and security of society.

Iran PressCommentary: In recent days, some cities in Iran have witnessed protests following the decisions of the three branches of power to implement the Fuel Management Plan.

These bitter events, which have been associated with violent behavior such as the destruction and burning of some public and private places, have unfortunately led to the deaths of several people.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution on Sunday made several points in a statement emphasizing the need to implement the decisions of the three branches of power.

Ayatollah Khamenei supported the government’s decision on revising fuel prices, saying, “I am not an expert in this field, but I had asserted before that I would back whatever decision the heads of the three branches of government [legislative, judiciary, administrative] make.”

However, he underlined the necessity of taking into consideration people’s demands in this regard, saying officials should be careful that the plan would not lead to a hike in prices of other goods and commodities. 

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei called on the government to take every step possible to alleviate people’s economic concerns after the implementation of the gasoline rationing and price revision plan.

“Authorities should use all their capacities to minimize people’s concerns over this [gasoline rationing] plan,” Ayatollah Khamenei added during his teachings in a class of advanced Islamic Jurisprudence (kharej–e Fiqh) on Sunday.

The leader of the revolution also referred to the bitter consequences of the recent events and called on the security officials to carry out their duties seriously.

Solving economic problems has always been a challenging issue, and is often accompanied by divergent and sometimes conflicting views and opinions on economic issues and infrastructure reforms.

Experience in many countries has shown that every similar move often accompanied by resistance.

Of course, in Iran, given the stated goals of the plan to return income from rising gasoline prices to low-income groups, it can be seen that the goals of implementing the plan are merely to support and improve the livelihood of the people.

On the other hand, one of the important issues that have been emphasized by the government in recent years is the issue of managing energy consumption and establishing a reasonable relationship between production costs and energy consumption in Iran, which, for many reasons, its implementation has been delayed many times.

The delay is one of the reasons for the difficult implementation of the plan at this stage. Naturally, the implementation of such an important plan is accompanied by many problems, one of which is concern about the possible impact of the high cost of gasoline on other costs.

Resistance against the economic pressures and the heavy US sanctions that actually real economic terrorism against the Iranian people depends on many factors, including vigilance against disturbing currents of peace and security in the society.

The leader noted in this regard: "In recent events, all the opposition centers of evil in the world have encouraged this; from the evil Pahlavi family to the criminal group of the MKO, they have constantly encouraged these evils in cyberspace and elsewhere. I want to say this: no one should help them, no wise man who interested in his own country, and in his own comfortable life, should not help them; these are evils, these are not the work of ordinary people."

Experience in recent years, such as the post-election chaos of 2009 and other economic-based unrest, has shown that the United States and Iran's enemies, in pursuit of their goals, use the people's demands as a means of disrupting community peace and make political crisis. The ultimate goal is to hit the principle of the Islamic system.

Written by: Jamshid Aminzade

Translated by: Aboulfazl Mohammadi

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