Apr 23, 2019 13:09 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Dec 28, 2019 15:40 Asia/Tehran]

Tehran (IP) - Full professor of University of Calabria (UniCal), Italy, in TOPHPC congress in Tehran said my impression is extremely positive about the young generation of scientists in Iran.

Iran Press/Iran news: Full professor of University of Calabria (UniCal), Italy Lucio Grandinetti in an exclusive interview with Iran Press News Agency said: "I'm very impressed by the work carried on by Iranian young researchers, based on publications, attending workshops, conferences and from the papers submitted to this Congress. The researchers are very active and very updated about what is emerging now in the scenario, for instance, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced computing, also in general information processing."

"My impression is extremely positive. The young generation in Iran are cultured and I think they will be successful in research", Professor of faculty of engineering department of Electronics, University of Calabria continued.

"I have worked with many Iranian students. They are all very bright. They all work very hard. We can work together and try to work out many important problems in the world," Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the Computer Science Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 'Benjamin W. Wah' told Iran Press News Agency in an exclusive interview on the sidelines of TopHPC Congress. 

An exhibition was held on the sidelines of the Congress. The Exhibitor Forum provides manufacturers, vendors, HPC and Big Data analytics service providers with a venue to deliver a technical presentation that is open to both Exhibit and Technical Program attendees.

The Congress which is focused on forefront issues such as data, HPC services, usability, Big Data and exascale, will end on 25 April 2019. 104/209

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