The Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran for Legal and International Affairs said that the Israeli regime produces chemical weapons to use them.

Iran PressEurope: Reza Najafi referred to the Israeli regime's accusing Iran of violating the Chemical Weapons Convention and said that the child-killing regime of Israel which has not declared the amount of the chemical bombs it has produced could not comment about such victims of chemical weapons as Iran. 

Najafi made the remarks at the 28th meeting of the state parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention on Thursday. 

The regime's claim came as it is not a member of the Convention and other disarmament treaties, ' which doubled the concern of the member states about the possibility of the regime's using chemical weapons against the innocent people of Palestine, he noted.

The Iranian diplomat said that such smear campaigns against the member states of the Convention would offer no help to the regime and its fragile status in the West Asian region.  

Delivering a speech in the meeting on Monday, Reza Najafi condemned the Israeli war on Gaza and called for an investigation by the OPCW and other international organizations regarding the possible use of chemical weapons, especially nerve agents, by the Israeli regime in Gaza.

The 28th meeting of the state parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention began on Monday, November 27, at the headquarters of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague, Netherlands. 219

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