Lebanon (IP) - A conference on the role of the Influential Women Conference in Resistance Front is underway in Beirut, Lebanon.

Iran Press/ West Asia: A group of Lebanese Palestinian women, either Muslim or Christian, influential in the Resistance Front along with a delegation from the Islamic Republic of Iran participated in the conference. 

Weera Yamin, a Christian political figure said in the conference that the advocates of human rights in the world have kept silent about the Israeli regime's genocide and child-killing in Gaza and the regime's attacks on the residential zones in the south of Lebanon. 

She stressed that the resistance movement stands firmly beside the Resistance movement as the true supporter of human rights.  

Still, the Lebanese member of Parliament Inaya Ezzo ul-Din, Rima Habib the representative of Palestine Islamic Jihad Movement, and Rima Fakhr al-Din, a member of Hezbollah's Political Council all called for global solidarity to support the Palestinian women and children. 

The Iranian President's wife Jamila Alamolhoda said that the community of influential women can play a decisive role at the global level in defending the oppressed women and children of Gaza.

She referred to the Israeli genocide in Gaza and said that tens of thousands of women and children in the Gaza Strip martyred are the greatest objective document corroborating the true nature of the world's arrogant powers.


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