Jakarta(IP): The Minister of Sports and Youth of Indonesia emphasized the continuation of support for Palestine in the field of sports.

Iran PressAsia: According to Iran press news agency on Wednesday; Ario Bimo Nandito, in a meeting with the Iranian ambassador to Jakarta, while welcoming the expansion of sports cooperation between Iran and Indonesia, emphasized the continuation of support for the oppressed Palestinian nation in sports fields.

Referring to the superior position of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the international sports fields, Ario Bimo Nandito called for the development of joint relations and cooperation to benefit from Iran's experiences in various sports fields.

In this meeting, the ambassador of Iran to Indonesia also appreciated the Indonesian government's decisive stance in defense of Palestine in all fields, especially in the field of sports, and the ban on hosting the 2023 FIFA U-20 World Cup in Indonesia due to the country's position in not accepting members the national football team of the Zionist regime and support for Palestine are very valuable.

While pointing to Indonesia's progress in sports fields and improving the quality of infrastructure for holding world sports competitions, Mohammad Borujerdi emphasized the development of bilateral cooperation in this sector.204