Dakar (IP)- One month after the first march supporting the Palestinian cause, a new march was held in Dakar, Senegal, on Sunday.

Iran PressAfrica: There were hundreds of protesters to attend the event to demand more concrete actions for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. The mantra was ending diplomatic ties with Israel regarding the ongoing war. Further actions like a sit-in in front of the Israeli Embassy in Dakar are planned.

"We should intensify pressure on Israel and its enablers for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza," Seydi Gassama told an Iran press reporter on the sidelines of the march.

He added: "We think it is very important that people over the world show their solidarity with Palestine. We should all protest against the grave human rights violations that happened in Palestine, especially in Gaza. It should not be an Islam or Arab issue, it's a self-determination of the Palestinian people."

Also, Ali, a Lebanese by origin and resident of Dakar In an exclusive interview with Iran Press states how important is the Palestinian cause. "I attended the match to raise my voice concerning what is happening in Palestine. For almost 9 months now since 7 October, there are mass killings of our Palestinian brothers with no available justifications."

My heart is bleeding, only countries like Iran are defending the Palestinians- Youmna a Lebanese by origin and Senegal-born also said in an interview with an Iranpress reporter: "Palestine is in my heart because Lebanon and Palestine are like brothers. In the southern part of Lebanon, we are suffering because of our enemies which is the neighboring Israel. But the Palestinian cause should be seen as a human cause and nobody should accept what is happening in Gaza." 

"Only Iran, Yemen, and Hezbollah are defending our brothers and sisters in Gaza, she added. 

At least 37,598 people have been killed and 86,032 wounded in Israel’s war on Gaza since October 7.


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