IP - A senior Hamas officer survived Saturday an Israeli assassination attempt in Lebanon, Palestinian and Lebanese security sources told AFP, with officials reporting two killed in the attack south of Beirut. Hamas senior figure survives Israeli assassination attempt

Iran Press/ West Asia: Lebanon's National News Agency (NNA) said an Israeli drone struck a car in the coastal town of Jadra, about 40 kilometers from the border.

The Palestinian source, requesting anonymity for security concerns, said the strike "was a failed attempt to assassinate a senior official in the (Hamas) movement".

A Lebanese security official, also requesting anonymity, identified the target as Hamas recruitment officer Bassel Saleh.

Shortly after the initial strike on Saleh's car, a second Israeli drone hit the same location, killing two people, the official said.

Hezbollah announced one of its members had been killed in the Israeli assassination.

A source close to the group told AFP the man, Khalil Fares, was one of the two people killed in his town of Jadra.

Saleh "survived but suffered burns on his back and was admitted to hospital", the Lebanese official said.

On Saturday, the NNA reported several Israeli strikes on south Lebanon villages, and Hezbollah also attacked Israeli positions across the border.

Hezbollah in a statement also said it "took control of an Israeli enemy Skylark drone".

Cross-border fire since the start of the Israel-Hamas war has killed at least 229 people in Lebanon both military and civilian.


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