The UN Secretary-General on Tuesday called for fuel ships to be urgently allowed into the Yemeni port of Al-Hudaidah.

Iran PressAmerica: In a statement, referring to the deplorable humanitarian situation in Yemen, Antonio Guterres called for fuel vessels to be allowed to enter the western Yemeni port of Al-Hudaidah and internal barriers to fuel distribution to be removed as soon as possible.

Earlier, Ansarullah spokesman Mohammad Abdul Salam wrote on his Twitter page: "14 Yemeni oil tankers have been detained in the Red Sea for more than a year by the Saudi coalition."

The UN Secretary-General added: "The Yemeni people continue to face a humanitarian crisis, including the possibility of a widespread hunger crisis."

He also called on the Yemeni side to seize the opportunity to hold unconditional talks with the UN Special Representative for Yemen.

Guterres also welcomed Saudi Arabia's initiative to end the conflict in Yemen.

On Monday night, Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan Al-Saud announced Riyadh's initiative for a ceasefire in Yemen, saying the ceasefire would be implemented under UN supervision and with the consent of Yemeni Ansarullah.

Mohammad Ali al-Houthi, a member of the Yemeni Supreme Political Council, in response to the Saudi plan, wrote on Twitter: "We were waiting for the announcement of a ceasefire and the breaking of the siege by Saudi Arabia and the United States, not the announcement of the Riyadh" initiative plan ".

Since 2015, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, as a coalition of several Arab countries and with the help of the United States and Britain, have launched large-scale attacks against Yemen, the poorest Arab country.

The military aggression has so far resulted in nothing but the killing and wounding of tens of thousands of Yemenis, as well as the displacement of millions of deprived citizens, the destruction of infrastructure, famine, starvation, and the spread of infectious diseases in Yemen. 219