IP- The German government is pushing for the inclusion of Russia’s nuclear sector in the EU’s 11th package of sanctions against the country, Vice Chancellor of Germany Robert Habeck, and minister for economic affairs and climate action, told DPA on Saturday.

Iran PressEurope: "Nuclear technology is a very sensitive sphere where Russia can no longer be considered a reliable partner," Habeck said. To him, Russia has been using dependence on its energy to exert pressure.

"In this connection, the German government has just told the European Commission that it is necessary to include [Russia’s] civil nuclear sector. This should be part of another sanctions package," the German minister claimed.

According to Habeck, the EU should become even less reliant on Russia. "We have progressed far ahead in many spheres, including in the energy sector. But there are still issues related to the nuclear power sphere," he maintained.

The minister believes there should be a transition period that would buy certain countries time to wean themselves off Russian civil nuclear power. "But it is necessary that we start and not be afraid to take decisive actions in this sphere," he added.


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