West Asia (IP): The Gaza Ministry of Health announced that 200 Palestinian patients were evacuated from this hospital with the coordination of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Iran PressWest Asia: The battle between the resistance forces and the Zionist criminals has entered its 46th day while the bombardment of residential areas, hospitals and schools in Gaza continues.

The government information office in the Gaza Strip announced on Monday that the number of martyrs of the Zionist regime's aggression in Gaza has increased to 13,300 people and the number of wounded has increased to more than 31,000 people.

The Ministry of Health of Gaza announced that as a result of the Israeli attack on the Indonesian hospital in the north of the Gaza Strip, 12 people were martyred and dozens of other Palestinians were injured.

According to Iran press citing AFP news agency, "Ashraf al-Qadara", the spokesman of the Gaza Ministry of Health, announced on Tuesday that hours after the Indonesian hospital in Gaza city was bombarded by the Zionist regime, Palestinian patients were transferred from the Indonesian hospital in Jabalia to the "Nasser" hospital in Khan Yunis , were transferred to the south of Gaza.

Pointing out that the Israeli army has besieged the Indonesian hospital, Al-Qadara added that it is possible that the Zionists will repeat the same crime they did in Al-Shifa Hospital in this hospital.

The spokesman of the Gaza Ministry of Health emphasized that there are about 2,000 Palestinian refugees in and around the hospital, adding that there are still 400 patients in the hospital, and we are consulting with the International Committee of the Red Cross to evacuate them.


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