Tehran (IP) - The Syrian ambassador to Tehran says that both Iran and Syria must strengthen trade and economic relations using the existing capacities fully.

Iran PressIran News: In an exclusive interview with Iran Press on the sidelines of the Iran-Syria Economic and Trade Relations Development Conference, Shafiq Dayoub stressed that holding such meetings is very important in order to deal with the negative consequences of sanctions imposed on the two nations.

Dayoub told IP on Monday that the mutual conferences can strengthen relations and cooperation between the private sectors of the two countries, as well as strengthen businessmen's ties.

He pointed out: "The meeting of the two countries' officials will lead to the development of trade, economic, scientific, artistic and tourism relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Syria in order to ensure the interests of the two nations and serve the peace and security of the region." 

The Syrian official said that these meetings and conferences would help strengthen the role of the Resistance [Front] and rebuild the ruins of the war on Syria.


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