Tehran (IP) - Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh responded to the recent claims of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about Iran's domestic affairs.

Iran Press/Iran News: Saeed Khatibzadeh wrote on his Twitter account on Wednesday that "Pompeo is on his Iran obsession mood again."

Stressing that "no amount of projection will obfuscate the truth, @SecPompeo," Iranian diplomat added: "For all your talk about human rights, how do you justify representing a regime that brags abt "saving" murderers & taking innocent people hostage? Hypocrisy at its finest."

Khatibzade in a separate tweet noted: "By the way: One min, @SecPompeo claims FM @JZarif "is no more in charge of what’s going on in Iran than a man in the moon”. And next min, Govt of Iran is "Zarif's". 

"Make up your mind, Mr. #LyingCheatingStealing Pompeo," he wrote. "Also, maybe time to find a new obsession?"


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