Tehran(IP): Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for political affairs said that the requirement for the US withdrawal from the region is to have friendly, fraternal, and unbreakable ties with neighboring countries.

Iran PressIran news: Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for political affairs, Ali Bagheri Kani, stated: "The government has a strategic interaction with the neighboring countries, and the president himself, as a head of government active in the field of foreign policy, international relations and diplomacy, was able to establish ties in our relations with the neighboring countries."

He further continued: "Azerbaijan is one of the countries with which we have and will have good relations. Azerbaijan has unbreakable historical, cultural, and religious ties with us, and in this field, we have a lot of forward and progressive relations, and this view of the government towards the neighbors shows that there is a serious will for complementary interaction with the regional and neighboring countries.

Iranian senior diplomat added: "The Leader of the Islamic Revolution for two times in his public speeches, praised and defined the policy of the current administration. Raisi's government believes that an unbreakable link should be established with the neighbors and the Leader has always emphasized that if there is any problem should be solved with the neighbors.

Bagheri Kani emphasized: "Our approach concerning neighboring countries, is to de-escalate any tension if there is one, and we will not allow foreigners to take advantage of the possible gaps that exist between us and some neighbors." He added: "By consolidating strategic ties with neighboring countries, including Azerbaijan, we have a serious will to create a stable region with cooperation and collective security, and to provide the basis for the vision that the Leader of the Islamic Revolution has that the US should leave the region."

He further stressed: "The requirement for the US withdrawal from the region is to have a brotherly, friendly and unbreakable bond with the neighboring countries, and this is a strategic and decisive decision of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and we hope that the next parliament will help the government in this regard."

In another part of his speech about the elections of the Iranian Parliament, he stated that one of the characteristics of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the reliance on the people for governance and said: "The elections have not been delayed even a day in the most difficult conditions of the country, whether under Late Imam Khomeini or Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, Leader of the Islamic Revolution. This shows that there is a serious will and deep religious belief in the presence and role-playing of the people. People are the basis of the Islamic Republic which is born from a religious thought, it has presented the idea of religious democracy and it is an efficient idea of governance that we have seen in the past years that this idea has been proven to be effective. 219

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