IP - Flash floods followed by heavy rainfalls in western Afghanistan killed at least 50 people and dozens more are missing, according to preliminary reports. It is feared that casualties are more.

Iran PressAsia: At least 50 people have been killed and thousands of homes destroyed following a new bout of heavy rains and flooding in central Afghanistan, the Taliban authorities confirmed.

Hundreds of people are feared dead after flash flooding hit northern Afghanistan, with warnings the toll could rise after further storms across the region.

Flash floods caused by torrential seasonal rains have, for weeks, devastated a wide swath of territory across Afghanistan, killing hundreds of people, leaving thousands injured, and destroying homes and communities.

The hard-hit province of Ghor has suffered significant financial losses, said Abdul Wahid Hamas, spokesman for the provincial governor, after thousands of homes and properties were damaged and hundreds of hectares of agricultural land destroyed following Friday’s floods, including the capital, Feroz Koh.

Mawlawi Abdul Hai Zaeem, head of the information department for Ghor, said that 2,000 houses were destroyed, 4,000 partially damaged and more than 2,000 shops were underwater in Firoz Koh.

Last week, the U.N. food agency said the exceptionally heavy rains in Afghanistan have killed more than 300 people and destroyed thousands of houses, mostly in the northern province of Baghlan, which bore the brunt of floods on May 10.