Russia's ambassador to international organizations based in Vienna said on Wednesday night that the final outcome of the Vienna negotiations depends on the reaction of the United States to Iran's reasonable proposals.

Iran PressEurope: In the new round of negotiations in Vienna, centered on the lifting of oppressive and illegal sanctions against Iran, which was held on August 4-8, several proposals were made by Enrique Mora, the coordinator of the European Union in the talks.

In reaction to the report of US-based New York Times Daily, Russia’s Permanent Representative to Vienna-based International Organizations Mikhail Ulyanov in a tweet on Wednesday said:  “There have been reasons for optimism before, but on previous occasions, expectations were not met.”

“This time more than ever we have a great chance to cross the finish line at the Vienna talks. The final result depends on how the US reacts to the last Iranian reasonable suggestions,” Ulyanov added.

Late on Monday, Iran said it has sent EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell its response to the proposed text of a draft agreement to restore the Iranian nuclear deal (JCPOA) and also expressed its opinion on the remaining issues in the talks.

The European Union confirmed that it has received Iran's response to a modified text proposed by the EU in Vienna talks, saying the bloc is studying the reply with parties to the deal and the US. 219

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