Mar 25, 2020 14:20 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Apr 03, 2020 21:24 Asia/Tehran]
  • Twitter page of the Iranian Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei
    Twitter page of the Iranian Government Spokesman Ali Rabiei

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Government Spokesman emphasized that to prevent a new wave of the coronavirus outbreak, new trips are forbidden and all parks, gardens and crowded places will be closed.

Iran Press/Iran News: Ali Rabiei on Wednesday tweeted on the most important approvals of the second meeting of the Cabinet in Iranian new year (starting on March 21) and wrote: "Today, at a government meeting, the President Hassan Rouhani extended his condolences to the families who lost their love ones by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), especially the families of healthcare staff."

"According to the Health Minister's report on the outbreak, and with the control of the first wave of the disease and to prevent a new outbreak, the President has ordered that new trips are banned and violators are treated based on legal procedures."

Rabiei noted: "There is no problem supplying people with daily needs and all public supply stores will be open."


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