Feb 12, 2020 18:19 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Feb 12, 2020 19:18 Asia/Tehran]
  • Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani
    Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani

Tehran (IP) - Iranian President in a recent telephone call with the Governor of Gilan was briefed on the latest reports of heavy snowfall problems in the province and issued instructions to speed up the process of serving the people and alleviate the problems caused by the snowfall.

Iran PressIran news: Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday in a telephone call with Gilan governor-general Arsalan Zare assigned him to use all the facilities in the province to help the people.

In a phone call, the governor-general of Gilan also reported on measures taken to assist those caught in heavy snowfall in the province, Iran Press reported.

The snowfall which started on Sunday evening in different parts of Gilan province and continued until on Tuesday caused a water and electricity outage in various cities and blocked many of the rural roads as well as the Rasht-Qazvin freeway.


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