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Isfahan (IP) - Isfahan Steel Company is the oldest and largest structural steel-producing company in Iran with a capacity to produce 3.6 million tons of steel every year.

Iran Press/Iran news: Iranian experts relying on indigenous knowledge manufacture more than 85 percent of their required components here in Iran. These components comply with world standards and are produced with the highest quality using modern technology. The coking and ingot rail specimens are one of the most important projects.

Isfahan Steel Company is the oldest and largest manufacturer of house-building steel and rail in Iran and the largest producer of longitudinal products in west Asia, with a capacity to produce 3.6 million tons of steel every year, producing a variety of structural and industrial steel components.

The Company was established in 1971. The factory located in the southwest of Isfahan province played an important role in the formation of other Iranian steel industries. That's why it is rightly known as "the mother of the steel industry in Iran".

Esfahan Steel Company (ESCO) was Iran’s first steel-producing company and is currently the country’s largest producer of structural steel and rails, exporting to over 23 Asian, African and European countries. Its products have been used in major domestic projects such as Tehran Milad Tower, Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, and Large dams and subways.

Produced rails in the company will also be used in the development of railways inside the country soon.

The main products of ESCO include a variety of girders, rebar and various industrial coils as well as by-products such as solid cast iron, coke, and liquid nitrogen.


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