Nov 10, 2019 20:33 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Dec 15, 2019 14:46 Asia/Tehran]
  • Rouhani visits Yazd top knowledge-based products
    Rouhani visits Yazd top knowledge-based products

Iran's President visited Yazd’s top knowledge-based products on the sidelines of the session of the Administrative Council of Yazd Province.

Iran Press/Iran News: In the visit that took place on Sunday, Hassan Rouhani talked with the young innovators and was briefed by their activities and the potential of their products, said the President's official site.

The knowledge companies are active in different fields, such as base color industries, mini loaders, LED lights, ceramics and textile, navigation systems, and water treatment technologies.

Expressing his satisfaction over the work of the educated young people, the President encouraged them to continue their activities more powerfully and encouraged managers and his accompanying authorities to fully support them.


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