Tehran (IP) - Iranian President stated during his cabinet session that the economic growth will be positive despite the problems until the end of the current Iranian year.

Iran Press/Iran NewsHassan Rouhani stated at the cabinet session on Wednesday morning that despite the pressures that we had in terms of sanctions, economic warfare, and the coronavirus, which was a pressure on the people and the government, we witnessed the sacrifice, cooperation, and support of the people.

Rouhani clarified about the 1400 budget, noting: "This budget had an important message for the society. The message was that the year 1400(2021) would be different from this year and the year before; both politically, and economically as well as the development of the construction budget, which has raised the expectations of the people, and in the shadow of this positive expectation, we are witnessing a positive change in the economy, agriculture, and services."

Stating that economic growth has been positive in the first six months of the year, the President said: "Economic growth will be positive despite the problems until the end of the year. We will be on the path of curbing the acceleration of inflation, and this month's statistics show us the same fact."

Referring to the coronavirus, Rouhani added: "In recent weeks, the third wave has been controlled, and we have seen a drop of about 50% in death tolls. In the field of vaccines, all measures are being taken, and I give good news to the people that both the Central Bank and the Ministry of Health planned to make the vaccine available to the public from abroad, as well as to produce the domestic vaccine in the coming months."


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